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In this constantly changing economy and marketplace, it is wise to proactively improve the marketing activities you are using to generate prospects. You don't want to wait until something bad happens and then try to create a solution.  

Kennard L. Brown specializes in developing direct response solutions designed to sell your services and products.  Customized marketing services are provided based on your feedback.  Plus, you will save time because you can invest in marketing services & products by phone wherever you are around the world. 

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After you answer the questions, you will receive a recommendation via e-mail that will provide you with information that can  help you improve your marketing activities, and increase profits.  Click Marketing Questions, download the document and fax the answers to (614) 340-7255 or you can e-mail by using the following e-mail address:  

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We have experience generating prospects for the following services & products:

Because of experience generating prospects for the above product & services, we are uniquely qualified to provide marketing consulting services involving any of the above products or services.


The FACTS about Telemarketing & Prospect Generation

Note:  Please click B2B Cold Calling Service for more information on teaching your sales representatives how to effectively cold call.


The key to success for most businesses is to consistently utilize Telemarketing & Direct Mail.  According to the Direct Marketing Association 2015 Response Rate Report, Telephone Marketing has an average response rate of 13%-14% for a customer (house) list and for a suspect list the response rate is 7%-8%. Telephone Marketing is used for direct sales and lead generation by B2B companies. Direct Mail campaigns (3.7% for house list and 1% response for suspect list) generate a better response than digital campaigns (.62% combined for a house list). Letter-sized envelopes has a response rate of 3.5% for a house list and 1% for a suspect list. Dimensional Mail generates a 2.8% response when used with a suspect list-the highest of all categories. Response rates for E-mail campaigns are .1% for house lists and .1% for suspect lists. Paid Search response rates are only .1% for house lists.

The Realistic Remote Sales Cycle based on my REAL WORLD two decades of telemarketing & telesales
cold calling experience 




3 to 12 months or more to close 33% of Prospects

Target Market

Interested in more information

5 to 12 conversations to close 80% of sales

The KEY to eliminating telemarketing & telesales high turnover

I have worked for several companies, and have consulted several companies in the area of effective telemarketing & telesales.  Unfortunately, in most cases, I have experienced sales managers creating unrealistic sales quotas.  Unrealistic sales quotas are caused by a company's failure to properly analyze and understand important market characteristics.  Despite the assumptions of a significant number of sales managers, the following make a difference in creating realistic sales quotas:

If the above factors are not considered (which I have discovered they are not in a lot of cases), then a sales manager's sales quota will be unrealistic.  Unrealistic sales quotas put unnecessary sales pressure on sales representatives to produce.  This causes them to become desperate and influences them to become unethical in giving their sales presentations.  In this situation, many sales representatives are pressured into lying or not telling the whole truth to secure sales so they can keep their jobs.  Of course, those who have a sense of ethics will refuse to lie and will either leave the company or be quickly terminated.  I have experienced this vicious cycle for many years.  Sales managers say things like, "Well, this isn't for everyone.  Some people can do it and some people can't."  I disagree with these statements.  If you hire a person who has successful sales experience and these people are consistently being terminated in 3 to 5 weeks because of failure to reach quota, then there is a problem with your sales quota, sales training and your sales expectations.  If you hire people who don't have any sales experience, then your sales training should give them the skills to succeed.  

The sales cylinder is a list of quality prospects.  Prospects are people who expressed interest in your service or product.  On average, a decent sales cylinder takes a minimum of three months to develop.  Sales systems that require you to generate several, consistent sales before a good sales cylinder is developed are systems designed to generate high turnover and a discouraging sales environment.

Sales, that are generated by pressure or dishonest & tricky techniques, are sales that create short term clients or customers.  Plus, high pressure generated sales gives a customer service department headaches.  A company's goal is to generate long term customers not short term.  The best way to generate long term customers is by no pressure selling, and being honest.  The sales methodology should be based on trust and developing a relationship.  As you should know, developing relationships take time.  You don't develop a friendship in one day.  Remember, no one can accurately predict when someone will invest in your service or product.  To simplify, you can't force someone to invest in your service or product.  An effective sales representative's job is to develop a trustful relationship with a prospect and to satisfy a prospect's need.  Again, it takes time to develop this type of relationship.

Please understand the following facts from the National Sales Executive Association:

*Contacts are decision makers

It takes 5 to 12 conversations to close 80% of sales in reference to inside or outside sales.  This fact must be taken into serious consideration when you develop any marketing, sales and sales training plan.  Additionally, on average, 10% of the number of dials are conversations with decision makers.


Suspects are people that may have an interest in your service or product.  Most companies utilize telemarketers to call a suspect list to turn suspects into prospects.  The inside sales cycle (the time it takes to generate an inside sale) is longer because the telemarketer is trying to turn suspects into prospects.  In most cases, the suspect that turns into a prospect is not ready to buy when you first call him/her.

If you sell expensive services or products via telephone only, the inside sales cycle can be much more than 12 months.


Prospects are people who have an interest in your service or product.  You can generate a prospect by calling them first (they are originally a suspect) and they express interest in your service or product (they become a prospect).  Additionally, people become prospects by contacting you first via direct mail, direct response TV or an ad placed in a magazine, newspaper or yellow pages.  When a prospect indicates they are interested in your service or product by initially contacting your company, they usually are in an immediate buying mode. When you focus on a prospect who contacted you first and is interested in your service or product, the inside sales cycle is reduced.  

Prospects can be classified into different categories based on the company's marketing strategy.  Ultimately, the goal of generating a prospect is to turn it into a qualified lead.  A qualified lead is a prospect that fits the company's criteria for a qualified lead.  

Telemarketing & Telesales

Telemarketing is generating prospects from a suspect list. It is another way to market your services or products. Telesales is generating sales strictly via telephone only. It is effectively executed by a realistic inside sales cycle and marketing strategy.

Inbound & Outbound Telemarketing

There are companies that successfully combine telemarketing with a prospect generation system by placing ads via different medium (TV, Postcards, Pay-Per-Click . . . etc) that are designed for a suspect to call the company for more information. When a telemarketer/telesales representative receives the phone call from the suspect, then that suspect has become a prospect. This type of telemarketing is called inbound telemarketing. The postcard is a cost effective direct mail tool that is used to generate quality inbound telemarketing calls.

Inbound telemarketing is much more effective than outbound telemarketing because the prospect is calling your company and is interested in the services or products you advertised on your postcard. The advertisement, NOT a highly resistant outbound telemarketing promotion message, was used to transform the suspect into a prospect.

Outbound telemarketing is truly COLD CALLING because the business has not indicated they are interested in your service or product BEFORE you contact them. This type of telemarketing is very difficult.

B2B Telemarketing

Yet, based on my REAL WORLD experience, B2B COLD CALL telemarketing can be very effective if you are realistic about the inside sales cycle. There is less resistance to B2B telemarketing then B2C telemarketing.  The KEYS to B2B telemarketing is knowing how to get past the secretary and knowing the name of the person to contact BEFORE you call.  

Additionally, another major KEY is to identify a need at the very beginning of your cold call without pressuring the prospect to listen to your sales presentation.  To simplify, you must identify a need first, before providing your solution.  A significant amount of cold calling systems teach their telemarketers to state their name and identify themselves & their solution without knowing whether or not the suspect needs the solution.  The telemarketer is taught to assume the suspect needs their service or product and to constantly object to a suspect's disinterest in the service or product until the suspect agrees they need the service or product.  This creates high resistance and makes it much harder to generate quality leads.  

Again, the average inside sales cold calling sales cycle can be 3 to 12 months or more.  Additionally, if you sell services or products that generate a very high profit per sale, then the amount of cold calls you have to generate to produce prospects is lower.  Yet, the inside sales cycle tends to be longer for services and products that cost thousands of dollars.

The average cold calling sales cycle is mostly based on high pressure sales methodology.  My 26 years of telemarketing experience are a combination of using high pressure & no pressure techniques.  Over the years, I have discovered the no pressure approach is more effective.  Kennard L. Brown B2B telemarketing consulting services are based on the no pressure approach in reference to telemarketing because it reduces stress for the telemarketer, shortens sales cycles and ultimately increases sales. 

Promotional Product Advertising Programs

How can promotional product creative ideas generate a positive ROI?

View the following videos that reveal the effectiveness of promotional products:

Please complete our online form to receive your customized Promotional Product Plan.  Kennard L. Brown is an authorized Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products Advisor.  Kaeser & Blair is the oldest promotional products distributor in the United States (120+ years) and is a member of ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) and PPAI.

Sales Letters for B2B Companies

We design sales letters for your direct mail campaigns.

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Postcard Marketing for B2B Companies

We can help you generate Local and/or National Prospects for your sales force by creating customized postcards to mail to suspects.

Postcard creative services 

Postcard Mailing Services

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SEO & Social Media Marketing

Kennard L. Brown offers SEO & Social Media Marketing services. 

Prospects should be able to search for your company’s products or services on Google by simply typing keywords that are related to your company’s website.  Logically, it is much easier to sell someone when they are actively looking for your service or product.  This is why proper search engine optimization is necessary for your website.  If your website is not properly optimized, then it is like throwing a business card on the ground and no one sees it.

SEO services:

In the 21st century, your company must have an effective social media presence.  B2B companies should at least have a LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus+ presence.

Social media services:

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